Despite being born a year after Fred Couples

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Despite being born a year after Fred Couples

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Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at Kerry, Thanks for the blog, always a great read. I was just wondering about the something that happened in the Leafs/Canes game. So in the second period, Paul Ranger and Alex Semin took minors at the same stoppage. The game then went to 4-on-4, until Dion Phaneuf took a hooking penalty. This made it 4-on-3 for the Canes, which they proceeded to score on and Phaneuf came out of the box. My question is why did Phaneuf come out of the box instead of Ranger? And why does the NHL go to 4-on-4 instead of keeping it 5 on 5 and having the players wait for a whistle? Thanks again, look forward to continuing to read your blog. Thanks,Alex Gane Hey Alex: I hope everyone celebrated a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. CMon Ref is thrilled to return after a break for the holiday week. Thanks also to those that visited me @kfraserthecall on twitter with your questions from games during that period! The answer to your specific question Alex is found in Rule 19 (coincidental penalties) which states, "When one minor penalty is assessed to one player of each team at the same stoppage in play, these penalties will be served without substitution provided there are no other penalties in effect and visible on the penalty clocks. Both teams will therefore play four skaters against four skaters for the duration of the minor penalties." In your example, one minor penalty was assessed to one player of each team (Paul Ranger of the Leafs and Alex Semin of the Hurricanes) with no other previous penalties visible on the time clock. Semin and Rangers minor penalty times were therefore placed on the clock and served as per the rule. It is important to note the while the teams play 4 on 4 as a result of the one minor penalty to each player at the same stoppage it does not create a short-handed situation. From Rule 16, short-handed means that the team must be below the numerical strength of its opponent on the ice at the time the goal was scored. The minor or bench minor penalty which terminates is the one with the least amount of time on the clock. Thus coincident minor penalties to both Teams do not cause either side to be "short-handed." The formula used to determine minor penalty expiration when goals are scored against a short-handed team is as follows: i) Is the team scored against short-handed? ii) Is the team scored against serving a minor penalty on the clock? If both criteria are satisfied, the minor penalty with the least amount of time on the clock shall terminate except when coincidental penalties are being served. The penalty that caused the Leafs to become short-handed was the subsequent minor penalty assessed to Dion Phaneuf. Once the Canes power-play goal was scored the Leafs were entitled to relief by virtue of Phaneufs minor penalty. Why does the NHL not treat the minor penalties to Paul Ranger and Alex Semin as coincidental and play 5 on 5 you ask? The coincidental minor penalty rule has in fact changed back a forth since the mid 1980s. The Edmonton Oiler young guns led by Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and the cast of future Hall of Fame players were primarily responsible for the initial change from minor penalties being served (4 on 4 hockey) to being treated as coincidental (5-on-5). In late stages of a game with the score either tied or close, a huge advantage resulted for the skilled Oiler players when more ice space was created by a 4 on 4 situation. No one recognized this more than Oiler coach Glen Sather. One of his players would intelligently initiate an altercation or scrum with an opponent where punches were exchanged and a minor penalty to each player was assessed by the referee. The Oiler stars were even more difficult to contain with the extra ice afforded them which often resulted in the scoring of a goal. Eventually the rule was changed to its present form. We also see the entertaining benefits derived from 4 on 4 hockey during overtime in the regular season. Referees have also been instructed to penalize the instigator or aggressor in a scrum wherever possible to act as a deterrent. Wholesale NCAA Jerseys . Cammalleri scored two goals, Corban Knight netted the winner in a shootout, and the Flames erased a two-goal deficit in the third period to beat the Stars 4-3 on Friday night. NCAA Jerseys Outlet . Both had to wait out a rain interruption lasting nearly five hours before taking comprehensive third-round victories to join Carling Bassett-Seguso (1983, 1986), Patricia Hy-Boulais (1996-97) and Daniel Nestor (1999) as Canadians who made it into the second week of a major. . Lineup news, Fantasy and more in Scott Cullen’s Statistically Speaking. HEROES St. Louis Blues – After rolling the San Jose Sharks for seven goals, for the second time in a week, the Blues have a bunch of players on hot streaks. Cheap NCAA Jerseys Authentic . He, the 25-year-old Toronto backup net-minder and Manitoba native, would be making just his fourth start in the past 16 games against the Jets the following evening. It was the word of opportunity for Reimer, who has fallen into the role of backup, outmatched in recent weeks by Jonathan Bernier, his Quebec counterpart. Custom NCAA Jerseys . The triple gold medallist from the 2010 Paralympics tweeted on Tuesday: "Woke up with a virus yesterday. Timing couldnt be much worse. Not the ideal prep for the .Even without Phil and Tiger, it appears this Masters will still have a whale of a finish. With the two marquee players presumably sitting on the couch somewhere, beer and chips on the coffee table and the remote in hand, a gaggle of golfers is set to provide the theatre on golfs greatest stage. Bubba Watson had the opportunity to run and hide on Saturday but his 74 caused a multi-player pile-up on the leaderboard. There are now 17 players within six shots of the lead. Only four of those have a major to their credit and three are making their first appearance at the Masters. It likely means that there will be some excitement as they try to untangle themselves coming down the stretch. No one seems to mind having the opportunity to be a part of that. “Its one of those things that you have dreamed about your whole life,” said Watson. “If you want to be a professional golfer youve dreamed about it, youve thought about it.” Despite his over-par score Watson still felt in control of his game; he wasnt losing the ball left or right, just short or long, a relatively good sign around what was a hard and fast golf course. Watson is tied with youngster Jordan Spieth, who has looked calm and confident beyond his 20 years in getting to five under. Despite being born a year after Fred Couples won his Green Jacket, Spieth has had enough time to soak in what the Masters is all about and the opportunity that Sunday presents. “I dont think Ive ever had a round whhere Ive been nervous on every single swing, shot, and putt,” said Spieth who would be the youngest Masters winner in history.dddddddddddd “Im sure that will happen tomorrow, but hopefully I can channel it positively and stay grounded, stay cool, and see what happens.” Below the leaders is an interesting collection of possible winners. There is Matt Kuchar, the aw-shucks guy who has already compiled six top-10 finishes this year including a playoff loss last weekend where he coughed up what appeared to be a sure win, and Jonas Blixt, the Swede trying to become the first European to win since 1999. And Miguel Angel Jimenez, who would not only become the oldest Masters and major champion but also the first player with a bun to wear the Green Jacket. Rickie Fowler put himself in contention with a strong 67 on Saturday and gave no doubt as to his wardrobe for Sunday. “Oh, yeah, orange and green look great together,” he stated. “I think green would look great with anything, to be honest.” The list of possible champions is so deep its likely there is a full closet full of potential green jackets at the ready. Before that, however, there is sure to be some drama and excitement to be revealed over Augusta National. In past years, the pin-setters have been friendly, allowing for birdies down the stretch; but with the hard, slick course, danger is always only a few centimeters away. Get settled in, hang on and enjoy. ' ' '
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